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Gyula, the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain

Gyula, the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain
A worldfamous castle and castle bath

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Tour description

The city of Gyula is located at the south-eastern area close to the Hungarian-Romanian border. The City’s major symbol is the gothic brick-masonry fortress which in Central-Europe remained intact. During the tour we visit the Gyula Castle, Castle Bath  (reputed to be some of the best in the country) and Castle Theater, the Baroque style Ladics-House (where one time middle-class cream of the county lived in the 19th century, and family relics and properties were collected through five generations), the Marias Schriffert House, the Kossuth-prize winner painter-artist György Kohán’s collection, the “Százéves” Hundred Years Old pastry shop, the Erkel Ferenc Memorial House (Erkel was the founding father of the Hungarian National Grand Opera in Budapest and also who set the Hungarian national anthem to music), and the Town Hall. No visit of Gyula would be complete without seeing from the world famous Hungarian sausage comes from, the traditional animal husbandry, today the Industrial Historical Museum of Meat Industry.

On the way home we stop at Békésszentandrás’s Carpet Factory, where carpets for the Hungarian Parliaments and the White House were woven!

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