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Etyek - Wines and Movies

Etyek - Wines and Movies
Visit Etyek, the vineyard of Budapest and home of Korda Filmpark, Hungary's largest movie studio complex
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Things to do in Budapest! A tour for movie fans!

Go behind the scenes at the Korda Filmpark and discover the art of movie making. Offering a new experience for film lovers, the Korda Filmpark is the first movie-themed visitors center in Central-Eastern Europe, located 30 kilometers from Budapest, in Etyek. The Filmpark can be found amongst the stages and backlot sets of Korda Studios, where international feature films such as Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and Season of the Witch, and TV mega-productions The Borgiasand World Without End have been filmed. The Korda Filmpark offers memorable moments, fun, and entertainment for individual and group visitors alike throughout the year. During the two-hour exhibition and studio tour Filmpark guides will show you the history and tricks of filmmaking, and a behind-the-scenes look at a breathing film studio.

Additional attractions in Korda Studios

Filmbuilding film shoot:

The participants create their own short film according to the provided script and following the directions of our director. All technical equipment, sets, and props, are provided. At the end of the day the final movie is premiered at the studio’s screening room, and can be ordered on CD.

Wild tracks film dubbing:

Try yourself out in a modern, state-of-the-art dubbing and sound post-production studio. In our technologically advanced Wild Tracks studio, groups of 5-10 persons take part in the dubbing and dialogue replacement of preselected film clips with the guidance of a professional sound engineer. The final, mixed result is premiered in the Korda Studios screening room afterwards. The attraction takes about 2-3 hours, and requires groups of at least 5. Reservations must be made in advance.

Stunt show:

Experience the making of breathtaking Hollywood stunts behind-the-scenes, with real stuntmen. The Filmpark Stunt Show on the studios’ New York street backlot set will give you a glimpse into the exciting and dangerous work of stunt professionals. The studio offers shows from a few minutes to complete one-hour productions, with various themes: 1930’s American gangster chases to modern New York action scenes, joust tournaments, horse shows, and historical battle scenes. The  stunt show team can bring any desired atmosphere to life, using extras, props, costumes, and even including unsuspecting audience members.

On set photo shoot:

At the end of the day take a group photo in one of the standing sets on the studio lot, or use the studio's sets as an amazing background for your next portrait series. Options include sections of the Filmpark’s memorial exhibit or installation sets, or large exterior backlots such as the New York street set or the Renaissance village.Costumes and props are also available upon special request. The professional photos are delivered electronically or in full prints, as requested.



The Korda Studio is located in the lovely landscape of Etyek, recognised as the Vineyard of Budapest. As an extra to be booked lunch and winetasting can be ordered on one of the famous winecellars of Etyek. There are regular winefeasts held in Etyek, ask for actual date before your visit!

Tour includes: Private guide, chauffeured transportation from your hotel and back

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