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Budapest Jewish Heritage Tour

Budapest Jewish Heritage Tour
Shoes on the Danube Promenade, Great Synagogue and the Jewish quarter – discover the Jewish culture of Budapest and Hungary with a private driver guide
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Things to do in Budapest! Discover Hungary's Jewish heritage!

The Jewis culture is a coherent part of Hungarian culture for centuries. Jews first settled in Budapest around the 13th century, when after the Mongolian invasion, King Béla IV moved the Royal Seat from Esztergom to Buda, and invited Jews to settle in his new town. When Budapest was formed in 1873, there were about 45,000 Jews living in the city. By 1930 this number had grown to 200,000, representing 5% of the population of the capital. The Jewish minority was prominent in areas of trade, science, art and business. Most of the outstanding architects, who formed the city of today’s Budapest (Ödön Lechner, Imre Steindl, Alajos Hauszmann, Samu Petz, Zsigmond Quittner and many others) came from Jewis families alike.

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest locates in the City Center, between Király street - Károly boulevard  - Dohány street - and Erzsébet boulvard. Much of this compact neighborhood is rapidly changing, but wandering in the narrow streets of the once-upon-a-time ghetto still offers some wonderful sights to see : faded remains of the names and storesigns of former Jewish stores, Jewish symbols and menorah decorations on balconies, old synagogues and mikvehs. We visit the recently renovated building of Goldmark Hall in the Wesselényi street, home to a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of Pest's former Jewish Quarter. The exhibit, called 'Rosenthal Lived Here', gives you an insight into everyday life in the Jewish Quarter through photos, personal belongings and various household items.

Budapest's and Europe's largest synagogue the Great Synagogue (Dohány street), is also located within the Jewish Quarter. The buildings and the courtyards of the  Great Synagogue include the Jewish Museum, the Heroes' Temple, the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park and the Jewish Cemetery. During the tour we visit the Rumbach Street Synagogue (not active today), Glass House, Gozsdu Yard and the Kazincy Street Synagogue (also inside). When "tour by vehicle" is booked, we close the tour honouring at the memory of the Hungarian Jewish victims killed during WWII, the „Shoes on the Danube Promenade”, a memorial created by Gyula Pauer and Can Togay on the bank of the Danube.

Tour includes: Private guide, chauffeured transportation from your hotel and back


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