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Life behind the Iron Curtain

Life behind the Iron Curtain
The happiest barrack of the socialist camp. Learn about times of Goulash Communism in Hungary, how and why this semi-humorous metaphor was derived from "goulash", a popular Hungarian dish.
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Things to do in Budapest! Learn about the times Hungarian spent in the Soviet block. Hungary, when it was the most "merry barrack"...

Though two decades have passed since the last of the soviet troopes have left the territory of Hungary, memorials of the totalitarian system and the cold war are still to be found around the country. Enjoy private guided tours to these sights to learn about the history of the countries recent past.

During a total day tour you can visit the Citadella, where a museum gives information regarding the siege of Budapest towards the end of the second world war, where the whole story started with the occupation of the country, and you can admire the Liberty Statue, the huge monument erected in 1947. The statue originally was dedicated to the russian troops – with its pedestal of 26 m and heights of 14 m making it probably the highest one of its kind in Europe - nowadays considered as a universal symbol of freedom and is strictly bonded to the panorama of the city. Other monuments and statues of the era – statues of famous personalities as Marx, Lenin, Ostapenko, the Memorial of the Hungarian-Soviet Friendship and many others all erected between 1945 – 1989. were removed from the city and collected in the Memento Park. The collection of the 42 pieces includes the 6 m high, famous statue of the „Liberation Army Soldier” as well. We visit House of Terror, a museum dedicated to the memory of the victims of the communist era.

We close the tour at the statue of the "Urchin of Pest" in Corvin köz, wich guards the memories of the most tragic and heroic fights of the Hungarian nation during Uprise of 1956.

Optionally we will finish the tour with some more joyful memory of those times, you can have a ride on the Children’s Railway in the hills of Buda., originally Pioneer’s Railway, opened in 1949, operated by children age of 10-14.

Tour includes: Private guide, chauffeured transportation from your hotel and back

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