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Ottoman Budapest

Ottoman Budapest
Things to do in Budapest! Discover the Ottoman past of Hungary! A tour not only for lovers of history!
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Things to do in Budapest! Discover the Ottoman past of Hungary! A tour not only for lovers of history!

Central Hungary became a province of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. The Turks took Buda in 1541, and Hungary was partitioned in three parts - Royal Hungary under Habsburg control in the west,  (with core Croatia and much of Slovakia), the independent Transylvania and Ottoman Hungary in the central plains. Turkish reign lasted 1686. During this 150 years the Pashas of Buda built 29 djamis, 52 mosques and tombs and 9 bathes and rebuilt some parts of Buda Castle. Though not too much of them remained, the rest is well restored and open for visitors.

The tour starts at the "türbe" of Gül Baba, the tomb of the „father of roses”, the saint dervis died in Buda in 1541. The tomb is the most northern pilgrimage place for the moslims since 1822.

From the bathes – which beside the hygienic feature had important social and religious function too - built by Turkish Rudas („Bath with Green Columns”), Rácz („Turkish Bath of Tanners”), Király („Rooster Gate Bath”), and Török („Veli bej Ilildzseszi”) still have some parts remained untouched during the centuries and serve like bathes even today. In the Parish Church of the Inner City an original mihrab is visible, and on the Fő street of Buda one can see the remains of the djami of Pasha Tojgun. In the Buda Castle we visit the Mathias Churh, which served as a mosque in the Turkish rule and the inner ornamental decoration originating from that time, and the Military Museum, where original Turkish garments and  arms can be found. Nearby the museum locates the tomb of the last Pasha of Buda, Abdurraman Abdi Armant, died during the last siege, surrounded by old Turkish cannons.

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