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Pannonia - Budapest and Hungary in the Roman times

Pannonia - Budapest and Hungary in the Roman times
Things to do in Budapest! A tour for lovers of history! Explore Budapest's Roman heritage!

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Tour description

Things to do in Budapest! A tour for lovers of history! Learn about the Roman times in Budapest and Hungary!

By 10 AD the Roman Empire had its boundaries as far as the river Danube in Europe, and in the territory of Hungary founded a province named Pannonia Inferor. The romans built watchtowers, military camps and fortresses alongside the Danube.One of them was the ancient city of Aquincum, in the north-eastern part of Budapest. Aquincum served as a military base, having been the part of the Roman border protecting system, where by 89 AD already stationed a legion of approximetaly 6000 soldiers. In 106 AD Aquincum became the capital of the province, a livid and flourishing city with almost 40000 inhabitants. People living in the settlement could enjoy all the achievements of the Empire, central heating in the houses, public bathes,  theatres, battles of gladiators and beasts in the ampthiteatrum and mithraeum. The buildings constructed in this age in the city remained in  a quite good condition. The statues, vases, coins and many other objects found during the excavations are exhibited in the Aquincum Museum.

During the tour we visit the Aquincum Ruingarden and Museum, which has the biggest number of relics from the ancient Roman times of Budapest, including the reconstruction of the world-famous hydra (water-organ), the amphiteatrums of the legions and the civil town , the old aquaduct, and the ruins of the old military bath of the legions, Thermae Maioris.

Since 1990. in every year in May the Floralia is held in Aquincum, when the old Roman style of living, traditions and religious ceremonials are vivified in period dresses, ask for the actual date!

As an extra  visit to Dunakeszi's Roman Fortress Museum can be booked. This fortress of Dunakeszi was built for the order of Valentinianus about 370 A.D, and was unearthed during a family house's construction in 2002. The remains of the original walls were built-in the present house, and in cooperation with the Hungarian National Museum in the house’s cellar a local museum was set up in 2009.

We are pleased to inform you, that the famous "cursed" SEVSO Treasure - being property of the Hungarian State by now - is on temporary display in Budapest, ask for avaibilities!

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