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The Hungarian puszta - Debrecen és Hortobágy

The Hungarian puszta  - Debrecen és Hortobágy
The Calvinist Rome and herdsmen of the Hungarian puszta
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Debrecen is the second largest Hungarian city, which got its royal town status in 1361.In 1949 the city was even the capital of Hungary for a short while, when the dethronization of Habsburgs was proclaimed here, in the Great (Calvinist) Church. Debrecen embraced the Protestant Reformation quite early, earning the moniker "Calvinist Rome". Today Debrecen is one of the most vivid and coziest nooks in Hungary: this city is a unique and outstanding whirlpool of a dynamic cultural and intellectual heritage and of an effective and successful economic life. During our walk in Debrecen we visit the Petőfi Square, the famous Piac Street (with the Alföld Palace, City Hall, County Hall, Csokonai Theater, Small White Church, Golden Bull Hotel, and other sights), Hatvan Street (Bishop’s Palace), the nearby St. Andrew Church, Red Tower and Reformed College, (dates back to 1538), and lastly the Great Church, which with its imposing, bright yellow facade and famous twin clock towers have become a much-loved symbol of the city. The tour in the innercity of Debrecen ends with visiting Déri Museum, where the worldfamous Christ- trilogy of Mihály Munkácsi is exhibited.

We say goodbye to Debrecen in Nagyerdő („Great Forest”), which is a huge public park and recreational area with many sights (DVSC Stadion, Campus, Sport Hall, a tiny zoo, Amusement Park and Aquaticum...), and also boasts the famous 400 years old university of the city.

Our next stop is the Hortobágy National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We visit the famous Nine-Span-Bridge,(the longest stone highway bridge in Hungary built in the 19th century, and the Herdsmen’s Museum, which shows how people of the „puszta” lived and lives today, the ancient hungarian animal breeds, typical clothing, crafts, pottery and also a model of a herdsman's hut. We take a horse carriage tour in the „puszta” introducing its natural treasures, herdsmen’s traditions, horsemen and stud, the Hungarian Gray Cattle herd, other Hungarian domestic animals typical to the area in their habitat, the cartwright- and smith museum, the cart exhibition, the black pottery workshop of Nádudvar and the stock stables of the 300 years old stud.

Lunch of typical Hungarian cuisine in a "csárda" is included in Debrecen or Hortobágy.

Debrecen offers many programs and festival all over the year, but the most famous is the Flower Festival held on 20th August. This feast has got a 100 years of tradition, which has recently come to mean not just a single day of fun but a week-long fiesta in the spirit of music, dance, and myriad flowers forming living statues and all kind of decorations. Ask for date and actual program!

For Hortobagy visitors, seeing a horse riding show is usually a must: the Hungarian cowboys - called the "Csikós" - demonstrate some of the traditional equestrian exercises such as making the horse sit and lay down, or riding while standing on the back of the horses. Ask for exact dates!

National Herdmen’s Competition and Meeting on Hortobágy is held every year at Pentecost Saturday. Ask for programs!

The famous Bridge Fair at the Nine-Span-Bridge of Hortobágy is held in August, ask for the actual date and  programs!

Included in the tour:
transfer, guidance,  and typical Hungarian lunch

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