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A real barional castle and the big splash - Keszthely and Hévíz

A real barional castle and the big splash - Keszthely and Hévíz
A real baronial castle and a splash in the largest thermal lake of the world
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Keszthely is a small charming town located at the North-West part of Balaton region. It's the largest city by the lake, and one of the most important cultural, educational and economic hubs in the region. Its main highlight is the Festetics Castle, one of the most beautiful baroque palaces of Hungary. The construction of the castle was started by Kristóf Festetics in 1745. It gained its final - neo-baroque - form in the 1880s. The castle miraculously avoided damages during the second World War and serves as Helikon Castle Museum since 1974. Its library of 100 000 volumes is the only complete aristocratic collection in Hungary to have been left intact. In the Helikon Castle Museum we visit 18 beautifully restored and furnished rooms, the Library, a Hunting, a Carriage and a Historical Railway Model exhibition, the House of the Balaton Wines and take a walk in the huge, romantic park.

We have a walk then in the enchanting, baroque downtown of Keszthely, and heading to the shore of Balaton, to enjoy a real Hungarian fishsoup or a fishspecialty made from Balaton fishes.

After lunch we continue to Hévíz, the biggest thermal lake of the world - a warm water lake situated in a peat-bed. The 4.44 ha water-surface lake is surrounded by a 60.5 ha nature conservation area. Springs of different temperatures diffuse in a narrow cave, and became a constant (38,5 °C) temperature stream when entering the lake. Beautiful water lilies, brought to Hungary at the end of the 19th century, dot the lake. Hévíz Lake Bath is more than 200 years old by now, as the Festetics family realised the curative effect of the water and started its development as a spa in 1795. They built a thermal wooden bathing house on a float over the outflow as a start. The present spa village started to form around the end of the 18th century, receiving further recognition and expansion in the early 20th century, when vacation houses were built, along with the famous wooden bath house right on the lake. Tour ends here, with a pleasent splash in Hévíz Lake Bath!

Optionally - specially in summertime - we can stay on the beach of Keszthely at the Balaton shore, or have a cruise on the lake.

Tour includes: transport from your accomodation place in Budapest, guidance, lunch of Balaton fish

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