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Excursion to Győr, Lébény and Pannonhalma

Excursion to Győr, Lébény and Pannonhalma
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Visit Győr, the most beautiful baroque city of Hungary, the romanesque church of Lébény and Pannonhalma Archabbey, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Győr boasts with the most beautiful Baroque downtown in Hungary. Apart from a short period in its history (4 years) the town was free from Turkish occupation and was liberated in 1598. Therefore, the new artistic era, the Baroque, conquered the city earlier than in the Eastern settlements of the country and by the mid 1600s the Baroque downtown was already formed. Very typical of Baroque architecture in Győr are the beautiful bay windows (square or polygonal) and bow windows (curved) on corner houses. During the tour we visit the Baroque downtown, and the chatedral, which boast the herm of King Saint Ladislaus.

Originally constructed as a Benedictine abbey in 1208, the Roman Catholic Church of Lébény near Győr was lucky to survive the Mongol and Turkish invasions, and today stands much like it did in the 13th century. The church is a rare an outstanding example of romanesque style in Hungary.

In Archabbey Pannonhalma the scenic group of buildings include the subchurch and cloister built in the 13th century in romanesque and gothic style, the monumental library with more, than 360,000 volumes, codexes and charters( including our most ancient surviving document to use the Hungarian language, the Charter of the Tihany Benedictine Abbey, dating back to 1055), the Baroque Refectory (with several examples of „trompe l’oeil”) and the Archabbey Collection (the second biggest in the country). Tour begins with a fifteen-minute film, where visitors can get an insight into the life of the Benedictine community, then continues in the basilica, the crypt, the cloisters and the library.

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