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Wellness and folktraditions - Matyóland és Zsóry Bath

Wellness and folktraditions - Matyóland és Zsóry Bath
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There are lots of sights in Mezőkövesd, in the heart of Matyóland. Matyó people's name can be traced back to King Matthias, who in the 15th century raised Mezőkövesd to the status of royal town. The colorfully embroidered flowers, based on old patterns, with which the women adorn their blouses, fabrics and aprons - red on a white or black ground being particularly popular - produce some of the most beautiful articles in Hungarian folklore. We visit the Matyó Museum to admire embroidered traditional costumes, furniture, crafts and objects from the old life style from the "Matyó" villages. In "Hadas" district original Matyó homes, streets with the atmosphere of 19th century country town waits us. In the ancient cottages local folk artists offer a view of what it is like to be "Matyó". The houses give home to embroiderers, a furniture painter, a glass cutter, a potter,  and for the children: a gingerbread maker, among other craftsmen.

One of the main attractions of the town is Zsóry Health and Open Air Bath, the sulphuric healing water of 72 degrees of Mezőkövesd supports the healing of arthritis and rheumatic diseases and is also suitable to alleviate gynaecological problems.Even you do not have any, visiting the famous thermal bath of Hungary is a pleasant end of the tour.

Every year Mezőkövesd offers lots of programs to local residents and of course, to visiting tourists. In the Matyó Easter of three days the festival features such diverse programs as angling competition, food benediction and folklore events, Zsóry Festival is held in July with lots of concerts, and at the end of August Zsóry Riding Days are held, with hurdle jumping as the most spectacular element. Ask for dates and special quotation!


Matyó culture is on the nomination list of UNESCO World Heritage.

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